Wednesday, January 27, 2016

So, Where Did It All Go?

For the handful of you who've visited this meager blog in the past, you probably have noticed that several posts have been removed. Sadly, I've been instructed to cease any and all discussion concerning those that I consider to be my maternal ancestors. Although I am a member of the [surname omitted due to privacy concerns] family and genetics can't be erased - no matter how much others wish or pray that they can be - this blog will no longer acknowledge the memories, stories, or presence of my maternal heritage.

As tragic as this situation may seem, it has actually served to motivate me to get this blog back in action. With renewed determination, vigor, and purpose I will be seeking out the story of my family - the Knoch family - and doing my best to share with you what I discover.

Equally as important is the history of my wife's family. After all, our children are as much McGregors as they are Knochs; and although my wife is proud to be a member of the Knoch family, we owe it to our children to share both of our lineages with them.

Stay tuned for plenty of mundane - and a few fantastic - stories of the Knoch family.

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